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Story Break is a weekly podcast from RocketJump where Will Campos, Matt Arnold, and Freddie Wong sit down in the RocketJump writer's room and attempt to "break" a story for a ridiculous concept, property, or idea that we in NO way have any rights to. Join us every week as we attempt to tackle everything from beloved video games to billion dollar franchises!

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    Avengers: Infinity War 2 | #56

    Warning: Infinity War spoilers abound! But if you want to know how the next Avengers will end, look no further as we crack the story for Avengers: Infinity War 2! Marvel Babies! Maybe. We're working on that title still.

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    Mr. Clean | #55

    The feature film adaptation of Proctor and Gamble's beloved bald old clean man, Mr. Clean!

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    Ski Free | #54

    The feature film adaptation of the most terrifying snowsport survival horror game ever made

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    Space Mountain | #53

    This week the team breaks the story behind the best theme park attraction you'll never see: Space Mountain!

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    Nickelodeon GUTS | #51

    We kick off MaxFunDrive 2018 with an attempt to summit the Aggro Crag of story adaptations: Beloved 90s Nickelodeon game show GUTS!

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    Stretch Armstrong | #50

    The team attempts to break the story behind the incredible stretchy-man figure.

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    Kirby ft. Ashly Burch | #49

    This week the team is joined by voice-actress-extraordinaire Ashly Burch to break the story behind the everyone's favorite living vacuum cleaner, Kirby!

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    E.T. 2 - The Extra Tworestrial | #48

    The team starts with Steven Spielberg's scrapped E.T. 2 pitch and try to make a sequel out of everyone's favorite bicycle-flying alien.

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    Limo-scream | #47

    What happens when Buried meets Cabin in the Woods? This high-octane slasher film that takes place entirely in a limousine!

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