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RocketJump's STORY BREAK is a writer's room podcast where three Hollywood professionals (Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, and Will Campos) have one hour to turn a humble idea into an epic pitch for an awesome movie.

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    First | #104

    A movie about what happens when the biggest influencer in the world gives his channel away... special guest appearance from Freddie's mom!

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    Second Chances | #100

    We tackle breaks from the first ONE HUNDRED EPISODES we feel deserve a second chance...

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    Apex Legends | #99

    We jump into the Apex Legends feature film, and pitch the story to some unwitting gamers

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    A Story for Matt's Daughter | #97

    Matt tasks us with coming up with a children's book story for his brand new daughter! Warning: This episode is extremely wholesome.

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    Pirates of the Caribbean | #96

    Ahoy mateys! We take on a new pirate movie and even visit the new and improved ride at Disneyland! Yarr!

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    Dad's Office | #95

    We tackle a feature film for a kid adventure movie project we're Actually Working On!

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