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RocketJump's STORY BREAK is a writer's room podcast where three Hollywood professionals (Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold, and Will Campos) have one hour to turn a humble idea into an epic pitch for an awesome movie.

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    First | #104

    A movie about what happens when the biggest influencer in the world gives his channel away... special guest appearance from Freddie's mom!

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    Second Chances | #100

    We tackle breaks from the first ONE HUNDRED EPISODES we feel deserve a second chance...

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    Apex Legends | #99

    We jump into the Apex Legends feature film, and pitch the story to some unwitting gamers

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    A Story for Matt's Daughter | #97

    Matt tasks us with coming up with a children's book story for his brand new daughter! Warning: This episode is extremely wholesome.

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    Pirates of the Caribbean | #96

    Ahoy mateys! We take on a new pirate movie and even visit the new and improved ride at Disneyland! Yarr!

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    Dad's Office | #95

    We tackle a feature film for a kid adventure movie project we're Actually Working On!

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    Fireball Island! | #94

    The steamy feature film of the Milton Bradley island adventure board game from the 80s!

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    Will's First Story | #93

    The first story Will ever wrote when he was 8 years old! It's about dragons!

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    Bird Box | #90

    We ALL somehow missed Bird Box, so we attempt to crack the movie based on the poster and marketing materials alone!

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    2018 Lighting Round | #89

    We tackle a lightning round - this time, random selections from our big internal list of episode ideas that we haven't touched.

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    Poopsie Surprise! | #88

    We're joined by podcast editor Cameron Covell to break Poopsie Surprise - this holiday season's hottest scatalogical children's toy!

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    Super Smash Bros. | #86

    A movie about Smash Brothers? With all those characters!? How!? Find out by listening to this episode!

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    Cruisin' USA | #85

    Everyone's favorite(?) quarter suckin' road racin' arcade machine gets the feature film treatment!

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    I, Chocula | #84

    General Mills put out the call, and we answer with a movie about everyone's favorite breakfast vampire!

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    Bridget Jones Jr: The Last Resort | #83

    We play Wikiroulette once again, and end up with a movie that combines giant mechanical fast food restaurants in the post apocalypse, Papa Roach, and the final entry Bridget Jones's Diary saga!

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    Drop Bear | #82

    We tackle some Australian folklore - a horror film about the terrifying DROP BEAR!

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    Boba Fett | #81

    The galaxy's most feared bounty hunter Boba Fett finally gets a sweet movie of his own that's definitely still happening at Disney yup yup!

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    Arcade Classics (Lightning Round!) | #80

    We have one hour to break FIVE arcade classics in our first ever lightning round episode! On the docket: Frogger, Burgertime, Paper Boy, Donkey Kong Jr., and Ms. Pacman!

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    The Zybourne Clock | #79

    We dive into a bit of obscure internet history and make a movie out of it!

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    The "Friends" Reunion Movie (ft. Riley Rose Critchlow) | #78

    We team up with fellow Friends enthusiast Riley Rose Critchlow, host of HAGS Podcast and star of Anime Crimes Division, to break a totally normal straight ahead movie for 90s sitcom Friends that has absolutely zero video game elements in it.

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    Bowsette | #77

    Against our better judgment, we return to video games to tackle the story of the internet fan art sensation known as Bowsette!

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    Save the Cat! | #75

    We turn Blake Snyder's classic on screenwriting and turn it into an ill-advised movie!

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    Warhammer: Blood Bowl | #74

    We tackle (YES THE PUN WORKS FINALLY) Warhammer's take on American football - Blood Bowl! Plus a new ending segment - an audio trailer of the movie!

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    Hungry Hungry Hippos | #73

    We tackle the original button masher - Hungry Hungry Hippos AND debut a new elevator pitch format!

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    Heaven Heist | #70

    We break the most ridiculous heist movie ever, which came from a side idea generated while writing a script for an actual project. This one's an original!

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    The Frasier Reboot | #69

    Matt and Will lead a bewildered Freddie along the path of what a Frasier reboot might look like!

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    Army of Metal | #68

    The team cultivates the seed of an idea that was planted when Freddie and Matt walked by Autopia at Disneyland last weekend

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    Kingdom Hearts | #67

    I can't believe we're even attempting the monster break that is Kingdom Hearts. Also, enjoy our new segment "Matt Explains Things to Moms!"

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    The Kool Aid Man | #66

    Oh yeah! Everyone's favorite sentient glass jug of refreshing high-fructose corn syrup soft drink gets his own movie! Oh yeahhh!

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    Rock, Paper, Scissors | #65

    We take the internationally beloved game of rock, paper, scissors and make a movie out of it!

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    Waluigi | #64

    Wahhh! It's Luigi's... brother? Alter ego? Frenemy? Wahhh!

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    Mission: Impossible 2: Two | #63

    Our mission: create the sequel that literally everyone wants and is constantly asking for both online and in real life for the last two decades: Mission: Impossible 7: The Sequel to the Best Mission: Impossible: Mission: Impossible 2.

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    Smokey Bear | #62

    We take on the USFS fire safety mascot Smokey Bear!

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    Guess Who? | #61

    We extract a beautiful, heartwarming story of love and loss out of a very boring board game.

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    Fortnite | #60

    We somehow make Fortnite make sense. It's amazing.

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    Creepy Crawlers | #59

    Betcha can't think about Creepy Crawlers without thinking about that song tho!

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    Nuclear Family | #58

    We draw from our list of ideas to break the story for an action thriller set... during MOVING DAY!

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    Laurel or Yanny | #57

    The thrilling YA feature film adaptation of the audio-based perceptual internet craze that's setting the internet ablaze! The first chapter of the Yanlaurel Saga.

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    Avengers: Infinity War 2 | #56

    Warning: Infinity War spoilers abound! But if you want to know how the next Avengers will end, look no further as we crack the story for Avengers: Infinity War 2! Marvel Babies! Maybe. We're working on that title still.

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    Mr. Clean | #55

    The feature film adaptation of Proctor and Gamble's beloved bald old clean man, Mr. Clean!

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    Ski Free | #54

    The feature film adaptation of the most terrifying snowsport survival horror game ever made

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    Space Mountain | #53

    This week the team breaks the story behind the best theme park attraction you'll never see: Space Mountain!

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    Nickelodeon GUTS | #51

    We kick off MaxFunDrive 2018 with an attempt to summit the Aggro Crag of story adaptations: Beloved 90s Nickelodeon game show GUTS!

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    Stretch Armstrong | #50

    The team attempts to break the story behind the incredible stretchy-man figure.

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    Kirby ft. Ashly Burch | #49

    This week the team is joined by voice-actress-extraordinaire Ashly Burch to break the story behind the everyone's favorite living vacuum cleaner, Kirby!

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    E.T. 2 - The Extra Tworestrial | #48

    The team starts with Steven Spielberg's scrapped E.T. 2 pitch and try to make a sequel out of everyone's favorite bicycle-flying alien.

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    Limo-scream | #47

    What happens when Buried meets Cabin in the Woods? This high-octane slasher film that takes place entirely in a limousine!

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    Stardew Valley: Monster Hunter | #46

    After getting a split-result on a poll, the team blends the story of two of today's hottest games: Stardew Valley and Monster Hunter: World!

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    The Surgeon's Baby Surgeon | #44

    In honor of Valentine's Day, the team takes a name from a list of computer-generated harlequin romance novel titles.

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    Mario | #43

    The team is joined by the creator of @SuperMarioFact, Alex Lemley, to break the potential story behind the upcoming Mario movie!

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    The SPLURGE | #42

    In honor of The Purge, the team attempts to break the story of THE SPLURGE! For 12 hours only, all shopping is FREE!

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    Duke Nukem | #41

    This week the team attempts to break the story of gaming's beefiest boy: Duke Nukem!

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    Chess | #40

    The team tackles the greatest board game that involves an 8x8 board and little horsies - Chess! Thanks to @ LordKyler and @thanksmitchell for sending this in!

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    Joe Camel | #39

    The team tries to break the story behind the controversial mascot of smoking: Joe Camel!

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    Sleighrunner | #36

    The team rolls the story cubes and must develop a story based on Christmas! Get ready for Sleighrunner (Bourne meets Jingle All The Way)!

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    Jurassic World 3 | #35

    This week the team is tasked with writing the third movie in the Jurassic World series!

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    Contra | #34

    This week the team attempts to break the story of the game that has been known to "break" lesser players.

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    Freddie's Dream | #33

    This week the team tries to break the story behind a dream Freddie had!

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    Burger King Kids Club | #32

    In honor of our start on Maximum Fun, the team attempts to break the story of the Burger King Kids Club!

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    Chuck E. Cheese | #31

    The team attempts to break the story of the legendary and slightly terrifying children's entertainer: Chuck E Cheese!

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    Aunt Beru: A Star Wars Story | #30

    The team deep dives on Aunt Beru (of Tatooine fame) and breaks a new feature-length film in the Star Wars universe!

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    Garlic Salt (Tis the Seasoning) | #29

    The team is tasked with breaking the story behind a random Wiki entry: 'garlic salt'. A spooky yet tasty romance ensues!

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    XCOM feat. Duncan Jones | #28

    The team joins forces with director Duncan Jones to break the story of the classic strategy game franchise: XCOM.

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    Vengeance Dad | #27

    Taken. The Foreigner. Nothing is scarier than a father wronged. The team attempts to break the story of a dad on a mission.

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    Teen Bond | #26

    You all know the story behind the debonair secret agent. Now feast your ears on his origin story!

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    Scholastic: Internet | #24

    Take a ride with us on our "future" keyboard as we take on the evil V.I.R.U.5!

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    Crazy Taxi | #23

    Come take a ride with us as the team tries to crack the twisty-turny story behind Crazy Taxi!

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    Steven King's I.T. | #22

    The team takes you behind the scenes of the 100% faithful adaptation of Steven King's I.T.

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    Flo from Progressive | #21

    The team attempts to break the story of the incredible insurance legend: Flo!

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    Galaxy Trucker | #20

    The team takes a crack at breaking the story for the intergalactic transport industry.

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    Where's Waldo | #19

    The team tackles one of the world's most important question: Where is Waldo?

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    Sonic | #18

    The team attempts to crack the story of everyone's "favorite" speedy hedgehog.

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    Wiki Roulette | #17

    The team selects random topics from the world's favorite wiki and combines them into a coming-of-age film!

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    Dirty Dan | #15

    The man. The myth. The legend. After weeks of suspense, the team finally unboxes the story behind DIRTY DAN!

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    Magic: The Gathering | #14

    The team sits down with the brother-extraordinaire, Jimmy Wong, to break the story behind Magic: The Gathering.

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    Catan | #13

    The team breaks the story around a beloved board game series. You won't believe what happens next!

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    Story Cubes | #12

    The team rolls the dice and gets to work breaking a story based on the results!

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    ARMS | #11

    We play ARMS for the first time and try to break it's story using the "rich" lore provided by Nintendo!

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    Metroid | #10

    We try to crack the story of the newly announced Metroid game!

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    Love Love | #9

    The challenge: crack a story that's trending on Twitter. You won't believe what happens next!

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    Fast Forever | #8

    We give our pitch is for Fast & The Furious 10: Fast Forever!

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    The Boss Baby | #7

    We give our hot take on what we believe The Boss Baby is about based on just the name and the trailers.

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    Monopoly | #5

    We tackle a feature film based on Hasbro's Monopoly, the beloved board game that nobody ever plays right.

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    Jumper | #3

    Where we attempt to crack a story for Jumper, a movie from 2008 about a teleporting teen.

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    The Jar Jar Binks Movie | #2

    Where we single-handedly turn one of Star Wars' most hated characters into the greatest hero who's ever lived a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

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    The Legend of Zelda | #1

    Where we finally answer what a show based on Nintendo's classic The Legend of Zelda might look like.

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